The Billionaire Who Eats McDonalds

Warren Buffett, The Billionaire Who Still Eats McDonald’s Everyday

Warren Buffett has a net worth of over 60 billion dollars. He is and was  one of the richest people in the world.

One thing I love about Warren is how he lives and eats like a normal guy because it makes him the most happy. In this 2014 video, he showed up to his annual shareholder meeting with a McDonald’s bag and revealed that it contains a Quarter Pounder and fries.

In fact, he eats at McDonald’s almost every day for breakfast. Now, you’re probably why he would eat this when he can afford the most expensive burgers and meals.

That is preferred meal of choice. He claims it tastes better than some more expensive foods. It just speaks to how different people have different pleasures and how you shouldn’t pursue someone else’s pleasures thinking it will satisfy what you want. 

I have seen a couple pieces of footage of Warren ordering from McDonald’s when he was younger (and therefore unknown and not nearly rich as he is now), so it was quite amazing to see him doing the same thing even now after all this time of being rich. He has made various references about it but I assumed he would still eat at standard small-class restaurants and diners (which he does) and would have dropped the fast food. But apparently not! Not only that but he has lived in the same house for dozens of years. A fairly small house he bought when he was young. He claims it gives him all he needs and he does not need to buy anything bigger. It’s “warm in the winter and cool in the summer.” He then goes on to say how he has known people with houses 100 times the value of his and saw how their possessions own them rather than the other way around.

Warren lives a pretty standard life. He once told a group of business students he was speaking to that he lives no better than any of them. He eats the same food, drives to work the same (and no, he doesn’t own a million dollar car either), reads the same newspapers, and the only difference really would be his private jet, which he quite enjoys and uses to get around (though he rarely wants to leave Omaha. his hometown). Nowadays, with people like Dan Bilzerian, who are choosing to live a lifestyle quite differently with his their millions, it is quite a contrast. Which way is right I will leave up to the philosophers. It does show that you do not need millions to be happy and/or live a satisfying lifestyle. It is also interesting to note how old he has lived so far despite the junk food he eats on a regular basis and yet how intelligent/quick he is (currently 84 years, while Charlie Munger is 90). While some of it has to definitely due to both of their innate intellectual abilities (Mr. Munger said he’d never seen anyone as quick as Warren despite going through Harvard Law and Alice Schroeder noted on Warren’s innate gifts to memorize at a near-photographic rate), it is also probably due to the habits they choose to do on a daily basis to exercise and maintain their brains (newspapers and a lot of reading/thinking). Perhaps their long lives also have to do with the philosophy that they run their lives and their business. It is quite an long philosophy, but it probably allows Warren to take up everyday as happy as can be or as he puts it, he “tap dances to work” everyday. I will spare you the details but his philosophy revolves around only doing business with those who are smart, able, ethical, moral, honest, and great people.

Honestly, it still perplexes me that Warren Buffett will still prefer the lowest quality burger when he could spend a little more and get better beef quality, at the very least, from somewhere like Five Guys. But when you think about it, Warren is almost 90 years of age. When he was growing up, McDonald’s was the premium choice option. He likely grew up with that standard to satisfy his needs and has grown accustomed to it.

I love studying Warren’s life because there are so many life lessons in it beyond just business. He really doesn’t let money rule his life or consume his identity. The way he lives shouts out that there are plenty of values and enjoyments beyond spending money, which is even cooler since he’s so rich.

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