How To Have Deeper Friendships

How To Have Deeper Friendships & Connections (in Dating) | Polarize & Screen

I’d like to just add something based off my future experiences with this. I think social intelligence in certain situations calls for you to be more diplomatic, less eccentric, or less offensive. Sometimes, this is the BETTER choice. Examples would be in intense politics, highly professional settings, and so forth. Having said that, please understand this video was made for people who stifle themselves and hide themselves a lot. A general trend I believe to be true is that the more people you can interact with, the more polarizing you can be (except of course for situations where being too polarizing, offensive, or crass may be a stupid move in the short and long term) and the better it will work out.
It is a way for you to truly be yourself, screen out people you wouldn’t have clicked with anyways, and be comfortable. It allows you to establish deeper bonds and connections.
Take my advice with a grain of salt.

My opinions are subject to change in the future.

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