How to overcome a scarcity mindset

How To Overcome A Scarcity Mentality And Develop An Abundance Mentality Easily (Updated)

I caught myself doing it again today.

When I was wrapping up my day at the gym, my scarcity mentality took over again and I found myself frozen still.

Seeing someone else triggered other moments during the week where I felt a similar way. How did that guy have such a ripped body at such a young age? How does she not have to worry about money? How could I ever meet a girl as pretty as that? After I broke free from paralysis, I smiled and got back to work.

It’s tough and natural to feel a bit jealous and like you do not have a lot of options, whether in your personal, financial, or dating life. What attitude we respond with matters. It affects our behavior and our future results.

While you may not see results on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis, your actions can compound into achievements you cannot even imagine ten years from now.

Today, I want to share how I eliminate the false, limiting belief of “scarcity” and the feeling of envy as soon as I spot it. Remembering that there is more than enough to go around can free you up to the money and life you desire.

Your belief and attitude can cripple you or give you the calm to succeed when you have been kicked down. Adopting an abundance mentality can really come back to you many times over. By being a go-giver, every moment you help out someone else comes back to you ten times over. But sometimes, it can take years for it to occur.

Ways Scarcity Mentality Can Manifest You Didn’t Consider

While scarcity mentality is traditionally applied to money or lack of it, it can actually apply to a variety of different areas of your life: dating, health, and overall happiness — these can rippled down to how you live, what you wear, how you eat, what you buy, what you prevent yourself from buying, events or things that trigger shame, and even how you organize your possessions.

Let me explain how…

In dating, you can have a scarcity mindset when it comes to the abundance (or lack thereof) of beautiful, worthwhile women who are interested in you.

If you grew up unpopular in a small town, it can be hard to fathom that there is an abundance of women for you — no matter how many videos you see on YouTube of bigger cities or people who tell you that there are “plenty of fish in the sea.”

You have to see it to believe it sometimes.

Scarcity mindset can also play out for how you treat resources. Money is simply a currency used to represent resources and services — therefore, it’s not far-fetched to think that you can be irrationally possessive with your resources even when it’s holding you back.

For instance, I binge like crazy when I’m given free food because I grew up conditioned to see food from restaurants as scarce and a once-a-year treat. Therefore, I have an urge to eat until I want to throw up to “get the most value out of this opportunity.”

This is especially debilitating when there is a free banquet or event with lots of free food because I destroy my physique and health by over-indulging in junk food. As you can tell, this can destroy me even when I become rich enough to buy as much food as I want.

My memories will kick in and I will be tempted to over-eat free junk food when I see it even when I’m no longer poor and can afford my own food.

That’s why setting up systems to prevent yourself from getting triggered is one of the best ways to fix these habits.

Once you have watched the video, I want to hear from you. Do you have any moments where the scarcity mentality kicks in? 

Tell me about them in the comments below.

Remember to share as much detail as possible because it just might be the insight someone else reading this needs to make a breakthrough in our community here.


Thank you for reading, watching, and sharing.

Keep up the winner’s mentality,


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