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The “Less Things, More Happiness” 7 Day Challenge

So I have decided to do a 7 day challenge.

I encourage you to do this challenge with me because it will help you with the following goals:

Here are a few questions that will most likely be asked about this challenge:

Why 7 days and not 30?

I think challenges are gimmicky. Having said that, I can see the fun in doing them and the value they provide. People love challenges because they follow along and it helps them relate so I’ll do one.

As for 7 days, it is because all stats show that few people finish a 30 day challenge (the most common length). See the graph below:

30 day challenge graph
As the graph shows, ambition is easy. Persistence is hard.

Even though I have talked about how to keep consistent , most people haven’t read that and still don’t. So I want to make this easy for everyone.

Plus, I want to make this a “minimum viable product.” I believe in Tim Ferriss’s model of starting with something simple, non-overwhelming, and fun.

A “30 day of Happiness” challenge would be too long. And it would stop being fun. 

How long will each session take per day? 

My goal is 10 minutes or less. The reason is what I mentioned earlier about Tim Ferriss’s model.

I have other related techniques for it like “Baby Steps” or “The Nibble Technique.” The basic idea is I want to start off simple and non-overwhelming.

Stay tuned and get excited for Day 1…

Stay tuned for Day 1 of the challenge. Each day, I will do some practices, show my experiences, and explain why I did them. Prepare to start feeling happier and better without the need for more possessions or activity.

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