What is a bucket list? No regrets, quality over quantity

How To Start Your Bucket List (Hint: Quality over Quantity)

Many spend their entire lives chasing wealth. When they get it, they find themselves still unhappy because they’re overworked, hate what they do, or lack purpose what they do. It happens all the time in of the millionaire interviews I listen to.

More horrifying than that are people who die with painful regrets, something preventable if they had only studied the mistakes of ancestors and changed their behavior. Enter the bucket list, the supposed solution. But is it?

I’ll show you how to create your bucket list the right way. 

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NEVER Feel Like A Failure and NEVER Give Up - persistence and perseverance

Why You Should NEVER Feel Like A Failure and NEVER Give Up

I was watching a trailer for Usher’s Masterclass course and he said that he’s successful because he’s failed much more often than he’s succeeded.

Isn’t that curious?

If I could go back to my younger self, one of the first lessons I would pass on would be that failure is good.

Nowadays, this idea seems obvious because I’ve studied thousands of successful people and seen it as a common theme. In the book Getting There, dozens of successful people explain how they celebrated failure in order to succeed. When the billionaire Sara Blakely was a child, her father asked her how she failed every day at dinner and celebrated it.

But the teen version of myself would’ve been flabbergasted at this idea. It’s not common in Asian American culture. If anything, it’s the opposite. Failure is frowned up and results in bad feelings, including disappointment and outrage from your parents.

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Why People Never Travel Around The World (Even Though It's Their Life Dream)

Why People Never or Rarely Travel (Even Though It’s Their Dream)

If you didn’t have to worry about money, what would you do?

Chances are you mentioned travel in your response. I’m surprised how many people I’ve seen respond with “travel the world.” But it absolutely saddens me how most of these people will do nothing to work towards this goal and will only have traveled modestly by the time they die.

To them, it’s a distant, unattainable dream that never gets fulfilled.

I’m a personal finance junkie myself and know all about the power of compound interest but even I don’t want to wait until I’m old before I start enjoying life and completing bucket list items. It’s not even guaranteed you’ll live until retirement. Travel is a metaphor for every life goal in your life that you hold off, never to accomplish it, until you’re lying with regret on your deathbed. I’m not going to let that happen to you. I’m going to help you achieve those dreams.

The good news is that there are young people on social media with no money or connections who have made traveling the world for a living a reality. We can find out what they differently and learn from them…

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will smith's keys to success

How Will Smith’s Arrival on Social Media Ignited A Fire Within Me (His Keys to Success)

Will Smith has been one of my role models for years. But the content available on his secrets to success was only enough to fill a small cup.

For years online, there were only two main sources. The first was a 2010 video compilations of a few interviews on success he did. He spoke on the importance of hard work, talent versus skill, work ethic, priorities, and belief.

You can throw in the interview he did with Oprah under this source too. On there, he admitted that he would fly back from China every weekend when he was filming there, a 12+ hour flight, to watch his son’s football games. So admirable. That’s true dedication.

The second source was his films. You had to learn from his implications and storytelling because it’s not his direct words or advice but what his characters go through.

His drive to succeed shines through some of his movies, like the Pursuit of Happyness and I Am Legend.

But recently, that’s changed. Will has finally started an Instagram and YouTube channel. And they’re stunning. He’s a natural creator and I had underestimated just how creative and talented he was. He’s been posting skits, well-shot vlogs, mini-raps, and Instagram stories with life advice.

DO NOT LET THIS BE YOU! Happy St. Patrick’s Day. @shaneeli @mrjaypea

A post shared by Will Smith (@willsmith) on

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How To Deal With the Asian American Identity Crisis & Racial Insecurities

I was giving a speech awhile ago about my social struggles, an Indian came up to me and unleashed on how he could relate relate.

He said he didn’t want to seem racist but he didn’t connect with the white people in his area. He always gravitated towards any Asian or Indian people he saw to hang out with. The problem was that, for most of his life, he lived in places with mostly white people.

I realized this was a common issue. Many Asian Americans face it. I’ve seen people complain about it online as well.

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9 Problems With How Asian Parents Raise Children

9 Mistakes With How Asian Parents Raise Children

I used to think my Chinese American parents were perfect growing up.

They had come to the United States as immigrants with only a couple hundred dollars and worked their way up to a middle-class income. Plus, Asian students as a whole had great reputation for being doing well in school and getting into prestigious universities. In my eyes, they were successful. So how could they be wrong with any of their advice?

But after contrasting how Asian immigrants parented with the hundreds of the world’s most successful people, I realized that they are doing fundamental things wrong.

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What I learned from 13 years of Youtube

What You Don’t Know About YouTube (Secrets from 13 Years of Videos)

Bloggers and podcasters — pretty much every influencer who grew their following outside of YouTube — don’t know as much as they think about YouTube.

They think they do but they really don’t.

That’s why they rarely thrive on there.

Why trust me? I’ve been a YouTube fanboy almost since it began. One of my first channels was created in 2006 and amassed 7 million views, back when that was a lot.

Since then, I’ve watched over 10,000 videos across diverse genres, taken expensive YouTube courses, and saw many influencers (like Peter Chao and Athene Wins) strike it big and dwindle to nothing. I’ve seen other channels stay afloat for over a decade (Smosh and Ryan Higa).

I’m going to break down what I’ve learned. Because the truth is I’m seeing a lot of young ones repeat the same mistakes, which will result in the same consequences.

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Scientific Speed Reading Tips People Would Kill For

Warren Buffett said he probably wasted at least 10 years reading slowly during a talk he had with Bill Gates. Bill said is he could have one superpower, it’d be to read faster. That’s the importance of learning to read faster.

I have tested out a lot of B.S. tactics that do not work and looked over the scientific research.

There’s some misinformation out there about speed reading. It’s not a flashy weird technique like spiral movement and it’s not simply skimming the book and cherry-picking the chapters or paragraphs that are most useful (that’s just reading smarter and usually applies to just non-fiction books).

People can be mistaught about the concept and come out thinking that it’s about reading 1 million words per minute or it’s some form of cherry-picking. I am not sure if these people are actually really reading or retaining any of the information they get.

I’ve gone through a ton of speed reading courses, videos, lectures, and books. There’s actually some good principles that actually work. Real speed reading is legit because what it does is it eliminates inefficiencies that you naturally pick up: subvocalization in your mind or voice and inefficiencies in eye movement.

As far as the extreme stuff about claims of increasing your speed by 10,000% and reading at 100,000 words a minute, that stuff raises my eyebrows. However, I wanted to share with you some timeless principles that will definitely double or triple your reading speed.

Class is in session…

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The Secrets to Asian American Male Millennial Dating

The Secrets to Asian American Male Dating with Mike “SquattinCassanova”

In this podcast, I interview Mike “SquattinCassanova”, an Asian dating coach.

We talk about:

  • are Asian men undateable?
  • the insecurities we deal with
  • the differences in race when it coming to dating
  • struggles Asian American millennial men have in dating
  • the importance of not blaming or feeling like you deserve anything
  • how we can become strong, masculine Asian men and why it matters
  • the importance of having a positive mental attitude and not having a victim mentality
  • what you missed out on growing up that you should do more of to improve (hint: includes team sports and socializing)
  • the differences between male and female mate value (preview: unlike females, male mate value rise into their late 30’s)
  • Elliot Rodger

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How To Buy Your First Suit Without Breaking The Bank And Still Looking Sharp

How To Buy Your First Suit Without Breaking The Bank And Still Looking Sharp

Ask anyone about style and the suit will always come up as one of the most stylish, timeless pieces of clothing you can wear.

The reason is simple. It makes your body shape look more attractive, improves your shoulder-to-waist ratio, the top scientifically correlated physical trait for male attraction, and symbolizes the most formal, expensive presentation you can deliver.

A suit signifies that you show respect and shows that you take your job interview, career, and life seriously, which brings respect.

But how do you buy a suit without breaking the bank? What if this is your first job interview and you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend?

This video will break down:

  • how to gauge the quality of a suit
  • how to get the best bargain price for a suit
  • how there is a time and place to buy expensive suits
  • why people judge others by appearance and how this is okay
  • why you shouldn’t spend too much on the first suit (hint: $500 is over kill)
  • how to leverage the power of diminishing returns (hint: this has to do with how and why billionaires get away with wearing secondhand suits)
  • why context, industry, and frequency matter in your decision and how to use this to get the best price point
  • why fashion social media influencers are incentivized to promote $1,000+ suits
  • why physical presentation is part of the meritocracy game (for you frustrated introverts who think it’s what on the inside that counts)
  • how to buy a suit and make sure it fits without getting overwhelmed by all the dozens of factors involved that other people say you should care about (hint: I cover a handful of the most important and explain why you should just focus on these)
  • the best time of year to buy the suit and how (and why) the articles that rank on Google are wrong with the time of year they suggest
  • a story of my experience with a Men’s Wearhouse salesman and how to avoid getting tricked liked a sucker by someone who wants to make a quick buck

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Top 5 Limiting Beliefs About Money (That Can Explode Your Wealth If Fixed)

Top 5 Limiting Beliefs About Money (That Can Explode Your Wealth If Fixed)

Many people fail to reach their potential because they blindly accept false rules about the universe that society or their parents have beat into them.

“The sun revolves around the earth.”

“You died from illness because you were a bad person.”

“The only path to success it become a doctor since you will become rich.”

But when you realize that the people who told you this are no smarter than you and could be wrong, everything changes. That’s why limiting beliefs are the most important thing to fix…

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A Busy Man’s Brief Guide To Stopping Procrastination

I was on the phone with one of my email subscribers and he told me he likes shorter posts. He doesn’t have the attention span to read a long post and will scan it.

Therefore, I’m combining that feedback with the popular request to talk about how to defeat procrastination and dealing with the inability to concentration. This is fast, short guide on stopping procrastination.

Hyper-Incentivize With A Time-Sensitive Reward

I learned this from the fitness trainer, Matt Kido. Always bored of cardio? Sick of repetitive work? Watch an amazing show (Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, West World, Dragon Ball Super, Attack on Titan) while running on a treadmill or biking. The kickers?

  • It has to be a show that is so amazing that you love it and can’t wait until you watch it again.
  • You can only watch this show while you’re working out.

By doing this, you are chaining a reward that makes you drool with a habit you want to build.

Well, how do you know it’s a good show? Sometimes, you’ll have to test out a few shows or movies. You’ll find it eventually.

It doesn’t have to be a TV show you’re doing this with or exercise. You can apply this to anything. Add an enjoyable activity to what you find un-enjoyable. 


  • Eating out when studying.
  • Listening to books while dancing.
  • Playing video games while listening to a video course.
  • Improving your photography skills while traveling.

Warning: if possible, avoid choosing unproductive rewards like junk food. If you feed one good habit with a bad habit, you’re taking one step forward and one step back.

Simplify to One

Out of all the tasks you can accomplish in a single day, what is the most important? It usually isn’t urgent — it’s a task you’ve been procrastinating on.

Once you decide what it is, write out the task somewhere big where you can see it. It can be a giant whiteboard or piece of paper. It can also be on your computer monitor’s or phone’s screensaver.

There’s a browser extension called Momentum that makes it your screen when you open a new tab. The more frequently it catches your eye throughout the day, the better.

Your goal should be to finish this task before anything else when you start your day. Your measure of success for the day will be whether you finish this task.

By starting the day with this task, you leave no room for distractions to set you off course. You also give yourself the best hours of the day when you’re most fresh to start and finish the task.

I learned this concept from Warren Buffett, who often only has around 3 big goals for the entire month on his calendar. The rest of the pages in his calendar are empty.

Warning: don’t make the task too big or intimidating. It’s better to make it smaller and into a manageable chunk. If it’s too overwhelming, you won’t ever get over the intimidation hump to even start.

There you go! Two short, actionable tips that you can test out immediately. Go forth!

Which tactic do you like better? How are you going to use it? Let me know in the comments below.

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The Cheat Code To Life Is "Dessert And No Vegetables"

The Cheat Code To Life Is “Dessert And No Vegetables”

Most people think they have to suffer throughout life to achieve success. Asian parents tell us to spend the first 30+ years of our lives pursuing a job we don’t care about to get rich. But is that actually true and is it worth it?

What if the secret to life is actually finding a way to be happy and enjoy life throughout the process. 

Find out in my latest podcast episode:

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Will's Personal Development Podcast

Will's Personal Development Podcast

What are your thoughts about eating “dessert and no vegetables”?

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The Secret Power of Being Fully Present in the Moment

How To Live in the Present in the Moment (And Why It’s Key)

With the rising popularity of emotional intelligence and meditation for success, a related concept has been popping up all the time: staying present in the moment.

What does “living in the here and now” actually mean?

This article will help you discover how being present can improve your wealth, happiness, love life, and relationships.

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crossfit secrets to success

How To Become A Top CrossFit Games Athlete: Secrets to Success

When you want to get better, you hang around the people who are already like how you want to be. At least that’s what people say…

Since I started my CrossFit journey a year ago, I figured that if I am going to do this, I might as well do it right. Why not learn from the best of the best? I studied all the interviews and videos of the best athletes I could find online. I dissected Rich Froning’s book and interviews to distill his CrossFit success secrets in its own article.

The next step was reaching out to any regional or CrossFit Games competitors and seeing if any were kind enough take the time to answer my questions. Here is what they said:

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