Top 3 Couples Prank Youtube Channels On The Rise In A Seemingly Saturated Niche

Top 3 Couples Prank Youtube Channels On The Rise In A Seemingly Saturated Niche

If you’ve been on Youtube in the last 2 years and watch as much as I do, you would THINK the Prank market is super saturated. I think one of the most iconic pranks is with VitalyzdTV and his Gold Digger video. This video has 44 million views and counting.

Then, we have the iconic couple Prank Vs Prank, a guy and girl who prank eachother. Their pranks and video production have grown over the years and now, they make quite a living off of their daily vlog channel and Prank channel, with several million subscribers on each and millions of views per video

Now, we have HUNDREDS of prank channels. Every day, a new prank video comes out. All of them have their own special spin. Some of them have fused with the “Pick Up” gimmick videos and do a mix of picking up girls and pranks. Dozens of these have carved out their own niche and community with success, ranging from hundreds of thousands of subscribers to millions. A few notable mentions are Prankinvasion, BigDawsTV, JoshPalerLin, EpicFiveTV, LimitlessEXP, Whatever, and AverageBroTV.

And, of course, there are hundreds of others below this level trying to claw their way in and as you can imagine, there is a lot of copying and low video quality/crappy pranks. There are literally Prank community channels out there that will take any video submission you give them no matter how horrible it is and upload it to their channel to get views. They will post the most click-baity thumbnail and title you can think of to draw you in to get more views. Some of them are getting millions of views per day but they have truly compromised the level of value or any sense of quality or community with their channels.

So you would THINK by now, that this market is completely saturated. And yet, it’s not! In the last 6 months, I have seen a few Youtube prank channels rise from 0 subscribers to hundreds of thousands of subscribers. How is this possible? Aren’t people sick of pranks? Apparently not. I think the reason is because you can still come in unique because NO ONE IN THE WORLD IS LIKE YOU. Now, you have to take that with a grain of salt because just because you think you’re unique doesn’t mean you will succeed on Youtube. I know this for a fact having studied dozens of aspiring gamer Youtube channels in another crowded market on Youtube: gamers. Pewdiepie, the most subscribed Youtuber of all time, who is closing in on 40 million subscribers, recently posted a Shoutout competition. Gamers rushed in to submit their video to be considered. I went through dozens of them and many were literally the same exact thing: “Hi Pewdiepie, I know I am doing the exact same thing as you in my videos and playing the exact same games just like everyone else in here [at a much lower video production and video editing level] but I am unique because of my personality, which I hope you can see through..Please pick me”

So personality isn’t the only thing. But I think, the thing is, there are certain prank channels that, even to this day, are breakout stars because: they have a certain chemistry as a couple that’s unique, they have different mannerisms, they react to pranks differently, they really enjoy what they do, they come up with unique pranks never done before, people can relate to their culture better, etc.

An example would be “Cheating Pranks”, where one person pretends he is cheating or just cheated on his partner. This type of prank gets a LOT of views but you can only do this a couple times before the other person knows you are pranking them. Therefore, people who want to see more of these reactions and enjoy the entertainment from this specific time of situation will be searching for new videos from new people.

So without further ado, I will be counting down….

The TOP 3 Rising Couples Prank Channels.

#3 KensPranksTV

You’ll notice this is a running theme in these Top 3 but they all bring in a unique way of doing their pranks. I think this really comes from just using your location and what you have to your best advantage. These pranks definitely sometimes have a more edgier, dangerous vibe to them:

I think the chemistry of the couple is fun to watch. I think what makes the top 3 is that both parties will make videos pranking eachother rather than it being a one-sided thing where only one person pranks the other constantly.

#2 SanFrezco

They really enjoy making pranks and you can tell it in their videos. I think the authenticity bleeds through to the viewers.

They really put work into their pranks and they do some unique stuff. The videos usually have slow motion, instrumental music, and good thumbnails. Their pranks definitely are the most edgiest and dangerous ones of the group.

#1 Whealth by Slaiman.

ABSOLUTELY. Hands down. It started as a health channel (as you can tell by the name). But then he started playing pranks on his girlfriend. What exactly makes me so drawn to him and his girlfriend, Kate? I think it’s a number of things: unique pranks. He really goes the extra mile to come up with pranks never done before.

But then, I still watch the simple, done-before pranks too. And I think the other big thing is: chemistry and fun. I really like the chemistry they have as a couple. The way they tease eachother is really fun to watch and you can tell they have a great relationship.

I think people relate to that. And, of course, you can really tell that they ENJOY what they do. They love making these videos. I think this is refreshing to see, having seen Youtubers or vloggers who have to deal with a lot of hate, verbal abuse, privacy issues, or just don’t enjoy what they do. They really just enjoy what they do and seem to be getting tons of positive feedback, which just enforces their love for it. Their pranks definitely have a ton of being more on the fun side. I think each prank channel has their own type of style and vibe. Even the drug deal or cheating prank they did seemed quite light-hearted and fun.


I’m sorry if your Youtube channel was not selected! I had to really choose my Top 3 with all things considered. There are a few channels out there that are also pretty good as well in this space. One of the big things that all 3 of these guys have is that both the girl and guy make prank videos on eachother. They make videos pranking eachother rather than a one-sided thing. I really think this adds dynamic and a new perspective that make the pranks more enjoyable for me.


Honorable mentions: FatalPranks

Comment below to be considered for an honorable mention.

Top Couples Prank Channels other than PrankvsPrank: PrankstersInLove

Where do you go to find more pranks? An easy way is to Youtube Search terms like “hot sauce prank” or “cheating prank”. It will pull up some recent successful prank videos. I don’t know if people copy eachother or it’s just an easy prank to think of but tons of people do that. Other terms you can search or “grand theft autoprank”, “drug deal prank”, or, if you want to get into the hitting on girls/pick-up pranks scene: “kissing pranks” or “golddigger prank” or “sports car prank” or “fame digger prank”


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