Why I Changed My Mind on Avoiding Gold Diggers

With all these pranks on Youtube about Gold-digging popping up, I would like to provide some insight. Everyone is a “gold digger” to a certain extent. Every single human being on this earth with 7 billion people. I say “gold digger” with quotes because it is a loose definition of a term that can mean any degree of increased interest in someone with money or more resources than the average person, even if it is the slightest amount. Why is this so? Because genetically we are wired to do so as it has allowed for greater survival and reproduction chances. Those who were smart enough to do so survived and passed these traits on to their offspring, which is why many people have varying amounts of this. I think a certain minor degree of “gold-digging” traits makes sense and should be accepted. In fact, I would not really understand the person who chooses to not associate with the man who has accomplished a lot in where he wants to go in life, whether it’s professional soccer or a CEO.

Greater degrees of gold-digging, however, make sense to avoid if you’re looking for a long-term relationship or marriage. It can lead to a ruined marriage or a loss of great wealth if you are have different values and goals in life or your partner is not supporting you but tearing you down. There’s a lot of other reasons that I am sure you are already aware of why this would be something you would avoid. It can lead to a lack of fulfillment and satisfaction if a person clearly only likes you for your money. It may be why even Dan Bilzerian has a main girlfriend.

Below is a comment from one of the latest Gold Digger Pranks on VitalyzdTV’s channel that may help clarify this, although he goes to the extremes of comparing someone well-off with a homeless man:

It shocks me that you are shaming “gold diggers”. Obviously a girl would want financial security in her life. If you have an expensive car, or an expensive house, it shows that you are financially responsible and probably smart (to be able to keep the cash flowing). Even a well-off girl would rather date someone with those attributes than a random homeless person.

This quote may provide some insight to you because wealth often, not always, implies certain levels of intelligence, success, achievement, and all the good mindsets, habits, or behaviors that come with them. And that might pique anyone’s interest.

There are varying levels of exceptions of the rules because of how vast our world is. I once saw a documentary on mail-order brides where average men of America would travel to Latin America to meet women there. The women would go to these events every few months in hopes of finding a man that would take them out of their horrible financial condition in the country they were in. They did not accept every man that came their way because they had values and goals that they wanted to achieve. For instance, one woman wanted to have children and one of the men had a vasectomy already. These women were looking for a husband, not a hook-up. They all placed a huge emphasis on finding an American husband but it was tough because the guy-girl ratio was skewed extremely in favor of these guys. None of these women were exceptionally physically attractive either (in my opinion).

Then, there are men who have lived and died content understanding that there is a possible fairly high level of gold-digging with the women he has relationships with. Hugh Heffner, Dan Bilzerian, and a few past and present sports team owners to name a few. This leads us to the realm of short-term hook-ups for gold-digging. Men flaunting fake or actually accumulated wealth with cars or clothing to court girls. Some people are fine with engaging in it. Others are not. The drawbacks to this may include problems like emptiness and feeling unfulfilled knowing the person likes you only for your money, venereal diseases, cheating on you, stealing your possessions, or other similar activities. Again, the keyword is may and there are no doubt people who will take the risk and just want to get laid with a hot girl.

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